Our Mission

At ALPS, we want to find better ways of dealing with the worlds plastic problem.  If it can’t be Recycled or where our use isn’t Reducing, we can provide an easy and fun way to Reuse the plastics that would otherwise end up harming our environment


Sadly, over 55% of all plastic goes un-recycled every year.


Plastics cause untold damage to our Eco-systems and effect the health of our Wildlife.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Much of this plastic cannot be recycled, so it is our duty to reuse.

Knowledge is Power

To find out more about how you can help, click the link above.

Problem with Plastics

According to a 2018 BBC News report, in the UK we produce around 76 kgs of Plastic waste per person, per year.  National Geographic suggests that more than 79% of all plastic created Globally goes un-recycled every year.

Unlock the Potential

ALPS Granulated Plastics are made from 100% non-recyclable plastics.

1kg of Granulated Plastics is the equivalent of 60 large, clear bottles and assorted plastics!

Follow the links below to get started on your ALPS journey!

Fight the Plastic

The best way to help us keep plastic out of our Landfill and Environment is to become a Supporter.

A one off donation or purchase will always help, however, for as little as £1.00 per month, you can help us divert plastics and give it the opportunity to become something beautiful long term.


For your donation, will become part of a community of people trying to make a difference by finding the beauty in something so destructive.

Find out more by exploring the links below!


All items made with ALPS Granulated Plastics can be advertised for free for 30 days after your first 5kg order of ALPS Granules.

All items offered for sale on www.alps-alternativestolandfill.co.uk MUST contain Granulated Plastics within the product or as part of the structure.


The granulated plastic can be mixed into such things as cement and sand and will provide strength to your final product.

If you already have hollow items created, adding ALPS Granulated Plastics to the cavity can help create ballast and strength.  Check our our guide on how to use diamond drill bits to fill your latest project in our Creators area.

Check out our Gallery for inspiration or head over to our Creators page to find out more!


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