Getting Started

If you’re here for the first time, or just need a refresher, this is the place to be.

Use the guidelines below to begin your ALPS journey.  Just remember, these are guidelines.  Our objective is to get as much ugly plastic into each thing of beauty as we can.

Good Luck!

Getting Started

Find out how to start your first project wiht ALPS Granulated Plastics


Find out how to start your first project with ALPS Granulated Plastics


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Making a Mould

If you don’t already have a mould,  you can build one or purchase one online.  To build one yourself, you’ll need a few things;

Shopping List

  • An Item to make a mould of
  • Liquid Latex for the inner mould
  • Whitemorph Thermoplastic. You could also use fiberglass or any other material that will provide a sturdy outer structure for your mould

Step 1

Start by covering your target object with the liquid latex.  Be sure to work towards a smooth, even finish on all sides.

Leave the bottom of the object uncovered.  This will allow you to create a hollow cast, making the object lighter, but also allowing you to fill your creating with more ALPS Granules.

Allow this to dry in a cool, clean space.

Step 2

Clean your mould by removing any sharp or uneven surfaces.

Prepare your Whitemorph or other outer mould product as per the manufacturers directions.

Step 3

Cover your latex mould with your choice of outer mould form.  Secure it with screws, bolts or fastenings to ensure a tight, clean fit.  Allow the outer mould to set as per the manufactures direction.

When dry, remove your inner mould and prepare to fill with your granulated composite.

Get Creating

Now that you have your mould, lets get ready to create!

To begin, you’ll need a few things.

Shopping List

  • ALPS Granulated Plastics
  • Sand
  • Cement (You could try swap out the Sand and Cement for Plaster or Clay, go wild!)
  • An Object Mould (don’t worry you can make one of these too!)
  • Paint (any type of paint will do)
  • A Paintbrush

Step 1

To make a Granulated Plastics Cement composite, mix 1 part ALPS Granulated Plastics, 1 part Sand and 1 part Cement in a Cement Mixer or container until well combined.

Add water to create a paste with a little bit of give.

Add more plastic as required ensuring there is enough Cement and Sand to bind well.

The Cement and Sand can be swapped out for any semi-liquid building material.  Experiement to find your preferred mix!

Step 2

Inspect your mould, being sure to remove any dirt or loose items from within the mould casing.  A clean, dry mould is essential to ensure your composite dries and can be removed from the mould easily at the later stage.

Step 3

Fill your mould with the Granulated Plastics composite slowly, ensuring you fill all gaps as you go.

As you fill, gently tap your mould on a firm, flat surface to remove air bubbles and fill difficult to reach gaps.

Once full, allow to set in a cool, dry place.  Once fully dry, remove the outer mould and sand down any rough edges.

You are now ready to paint your creation!


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