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Here at ALPS we want to encourage and inspire both your creativity and desire to rid our seas, rivers and landfills of plastics that would otherwise be destroying our environment.

Use these examples to fuel your creativity or submit your own creations to us with a description of how you made it to show off your skills to the Plastic salvage revolution.

Upload your creations, sell or instruct, this is your platform to show the world how they can make a difference.

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Freddie the Fox

Freddie the Fox is a composite of Cement, Sand and the Granulated Plastics of 20 large bottles, 20 bottle lids and other assorted plastics.

Freddies wheel barrow is hollow but he enjoys nothing more than showing off buy carrying around more of the plastic that he has done so well to recycle so far!

Birdie Bath

A great looking Bird Bath of considerable size keeping more than 100 plastic bottles, lids and assorted plastics out of our environment.

Hollow in the centre, when the base is drilled out more than 60 bottles, caps and assorted plastics worth of Granulated Plastics can be poured in to fill the cavity and safely stored away.

The Bird Bath itself is made with Cement, Sand and Granulated Plastics.

Plant the Boot!

This Boot Planter will happily show off your garden delights or be a cute little doorstop inside your house.

Made with a composite of Sand, Cement and ALPS Granulated Plastics.

Drainage holes can be made if required in the bottom of the boot using a diamond drill bit.

Wheelie Great Barrow!

A delightful little wheelbarrow to ornament your garden or home.

Made with Cement, Sand and ALPS Granulated Plastics, use it to show off your prize daffodils or give your favourite houseplant a home.

Pig in a Poke

This cute little pig will be right at home in your garden.  Poking it’s little head out to survey your greenthumb or maybe welcome you back into the house at the door after a hard day weeding.

Made with Cement, Sand and ALPS Granulated Plastics.

Terror Terrier!

Beware of the dog!  This terrier is just the thing to protect your property from rogue Plastic bottles and bags.

Made with Cement, Sand and ALPS Granulated Plastics he is just the thing to keep your garden safe and secure.

Curious Crab

This little crab will live happily within your house or without.  A doorstop, ornament or garden fancy, a sure talking point no matter where you use it.

Made with Cement, Sand and ALPS Granulated Plastics.


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